Bedrock CMS

Bedrock CMS is my own personal plugin based Content Management System which is currently running on top of CakePHP v2.2.

Each Bedrock plugin uses a similar concept to a Ruby on Rails Engine, in that it is comprised of a small of MVC application. Each plugin can have its Models, Views and Controllers overridden to allow customisations for each installation that it is used within.

Over time I have built up a considerable collection of plugins. Page Editing, Blog, File Management, Galleries, Ecommerce, the list goes on.

Each plugin can be installed quickly into an application and then customised to match the specific requirements.

The interface of Bedrock has been kept purposely simple and borrows a lot from WordPress. I have tried to keep the process of CRUD'ing each 'thing' as similar as possible, so the user is not surprised by any of the workflows.

It's proven to be a remarkably handy toolkit so far. The response from its users is always very positive. Usually regarding its simplicity.

Please get in touch if you would like a demo of Bedrock CMS

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